Rehema – hardworking talented deaf woman

Deaf woman catering in Uganda

Rehema MUYINZA comes from Kanoni, Gomba and is the 8th born child. She was born profoundly deaf and has three other deaf siblings. Ugandan Sign Language is her primary mode of communication in addition to written English. During her childhood, Rehema’s father refused to educate his deaf children believing it was worthless spending money on a deaf child. He was deeply ashamed of his deaf children whom he considered an abomination. Abandoning the family, he left them and their mother, without any support.

In defiance and to prove his father wrong, Rehema’s older sister (also deaf) took on the role of a father, working tirelessly for an income to educate her deaf siblings. It is a story of great courage and admiration, of a sister’s love and sacrifice to overcome prejudices and discrimination to open up opportunities for a bright future for her siblings.

Rehema completed primary education at Butambala Primary School for the Deaf and in 2012 was admitted to Wakiso Secondary School for the Deaf, completing her “O” Level in 2015. Thereafter, in 2016, she enrolled for a course in Hotels and Institutional Catering at Buganda Royal Institute of Business and Technical Education (BRIBTE), where she’s presently in the final semester.

In 2015 Deaf Link Uganda received Rehema’s application for financial support and admitted her to the Sponsorship Programme for Deaf Children. This financial assistance enabled Rehema to complete Senior 4 and continue further education at BRIBTE. With interest in setting up her own business in the future, she joined the Deaf Link Uganda Savings and Credit Cooperative Society.

Rehema is a hardworking, exceptionally talented young woman with an amiable personality and positive attitude. She’s steadfast, enthusiastic and always motivated in whatever she does. During school holidays, she works in her deaf sister’s shop to contribute to the family’s income. Rehema is flexible and gets along very well with hearing and deaf people.

At Buganda Royal Institute she ranks among the best students and has won the respect of both peers and teaching staff. She’s admired for her creativity, abilities to improvise, hard work and steadfastness; and most importantly, great interest to learn. For Rehema, deafness is no barrier BUT an avenue to excel! Her outstanding educational performance opens up opportunities for a bright future as she aspires to become a chef in Hotel & Catering Business.

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