Deaf Link Uganda in partnership with Ugandan German Cultural Society/Goethe Zentrum Kampala (UGCS/GZK) conducted a five days’ workshop (01st – 05th November 2021) for Deaf youth. The workshop, facilitated by Uganda’s world-renowned Master artist, Sanaa Gateja at his studio in Lubowa, Kampala. This training aimed at imparting marketable skills in Creative Arts to boost the youths’ innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as promote and strengthen socio-economic empowerment. A unique feature of the training was that it enlightened the youth about the importance of conservation of the environment and the invaluable benefits of using re-cycled materials to create Art.

Participants, with varied skills and talents, came from different parts of the Uganda. They included painters, sculptors, interior designers and students. During the five days’ workshop, they learnt how to make beads, hanging lampshades, decorative bowls, Christmas decorations and greetings cards using re-cycled paper, which is sustainable, readily available and affordable. The workshop encouraged their creativity and freedom to design.

Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC), the National Public Broadcaster, which is at the forefront of increasing visibility of Deaf people and advocating inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in all areas of life, documented and televised the event on 5th November, 2021.  

The instructor’s empowering nature had a great impact on trainees, whose enthusiasm to learn was evident at each level of Art Production. By learning various techniques, they went away with a lesson for a lifetime: Conserving the Environment for the future and human prosperity: “Respect for Mother nature gives back to us a thousand-fold!” 

Among visitors to the training session was Taga Nuwagaba, DLU’s Goodwill Ambassador and Uganda’s celebrated and renowned Artist, who is keen to steer economic empowerment of young Deaf people. Our partners, UGCS/GZK also visited for follow up on progress. Among the highlights was the incorporation of Sign Language sessions taught by the youth to the facilitator and his team, equipping them with basic on how to communicate with the Deaf.  

This was an eventful and unforgettable learning experience!

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