Despite possessing enormous potentials that are significant to individual and national development, the majority of deaf people in Uganda experience hostilities that undermine their ability to lead independent and productive lives. Societies where they live are characterised by traditional prejudices and negative attitudes towards any form of disability and as a result, many face discrimination and marginalisation from life opportunities, are neglected from childhood and exposed to exploitation. It is upon these harsh realities that Deaf Link Uganda was established to respond to the needs of the deaf.

Four DLU Programmes

Operating in three regions of the country: Central, Eastern and Western Uganda, the organisation operates four major programmes to advance the welfare of deaf people:

  • Promote entrepreneurship through supporting innovative self-employed individuals who are economically self sufficient;
  • Enable deaf children and youth gain access to educational and skills training opportunities;
  • Enhance the strength of the Deaf Community and instill dignity among individuals in their struggle to become productive member of society.
  • Provide opportunities that enable one realize their potentials and gain a sense of self worth which is significant to positive wellbeing.