DLU Video Gallery

Covid-19: An Artist’s Story. Mandela Alex

Covid-19: A Deaf student’s experiences. Nakibuule

Covid-19: Personal Experiences – Mutumba

Modern Batik Art Workshop Documentary

Democracy Talks by Embassy Of Sweden

A Deaf Link Uganda Production on Covid-19

AGAINST ODDS : Educating the Deaf

Covid-19: A Student’s Dilemma. Kazibwe

Covid-19: Overcoming Barriers to Survive! – Ssebatta

Covid-19: A Deaf couple’s story. Baluku and his wife

Deaf Link Uganda: Director’s Message

Modern Batik Art Workshop

Modern Batik Art Workshop Day 2

UBC Visits Deaf Link Uganda

Creating Employment for Young Deaf People

Deaf Link Uganda Hosts Heby & YMCA/YWCA Tallinn

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