May events in Sweden

Nassozi Kiyaga at event in Sweden.

Inter Action is a Swedish organization that provides a platform for interaction between Swedish and international NGO‘s. Through mutual partnerships, the organization hosts interactive events that bring together people from diverse backgrounds to engage in issues related to human development. Inter Action supports DLU improve and strengthen its capacity, as well as provide technical assistance.

Anna Dahl Winge from Inter Action and Nassozi Kiyaga from DLU in Stockholm.This May the organization invited Nassozi Kiyaga at one of its annual events in Stockholm to share experiences about Deaf Link Uganda’s services to deaf people in Uganda. Presenting insight into DLU’s growth over a decade, since its inception in 2007, Nassozi highlighted some of the achievements and struggles of working in societies that undermine persons with disabilities; where deaf people are isolated, treated as inferior and victimized.

Despite the challenges, DLU is able to open up opportunities that transform the lives of deaf people and create positive changes in social attitudes towards deafness. In a great show of support, the event was attended by Inter Action board members, friends from Södra and Bromma KFUK/KFUM (YWCA/YMCA) which has supported DLU since 2010 and well-wishers. Vibrant interactions and animated discussions followed suit culminating into fundraising through sales of DLU handicrafts made by its deaf beneficiaries.

Furthermore, at an equally lively event held in Heby, Mats Olsen extended an invitation to Anna Dahl Winge (Inter Action) and Nassozi to a meeting at their newly founded organization: Heby KFUM (YMCA) which works in the region to support local and international organisations. Habib Achour (Chairperson) and his team organised a variety of games to raise funds for local KFUM activities, while Anna and Nassozi fundraised for DLU.

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