The amazing story of Davis Turyahikayo

Davis studying

Davis was born deaf in the mountainous district of Rukungiri (Western Uganda) in 1993. As the 4th of seven children in his family, he began his education at Tukole Primary School. His parents are peasants who could hardly make ends meet to feed and educate their children. Therefore, Davis was forced to drop out of school at a very young age.

His aunt was deeply moved by the child’s great yearning for education, that she decided to ‘adopt’ him and finance his education. Gifted with great intellect and hard work, Davis scored highly in his Primary Leaving Examinations, successfully completing primary education at Uganda School for the Deaf in 2010.

Davis TURYAHIKAYOUnfortunately, the aunt (a single mother of five) couldn’t raise the funds for Davis to continue to secondary education, especially as she was equally struggling to support her deaf-blind son. For an entire year (2011) Davis was unable to go to school. His aunt learnt about Deaf Link Uganda’s sponsorship programme for deaf children and immediately applied for financial support.

A window of opportunity opened up for Davis who was ecstatic with joy at the news of his sponsorship by DLU – a dream come true that he braced himself to continue his education. In 2012 DLU began sponsoring Davis and also secured his admission to Wakiso Secondary School for the Deaf (one of only two secondary schools for the Deaf in Uganda) where he studied for four years.

Davis with teacherWith DLU’s continued sponsorship, Davis is currently studying in Kenya at Sikri Technical Training Institute for the Blind and Deaf, situated in Oyugis. As an enthusiastic, committed and self-driven student, Davis continues to thrive and acquire various life skills. He is in his second year at the institute, studying Information & Communication Technology, Entrepreneurship, Mathematics and Basic Electronics.

“I want to become a computer scientist. I am very fascinated about computers and feel that they are a superb invention for the deaf. I also want to teach deaf children about computers. I am grateful to DLU for giving me this wonderful opportunity for education.”

DLU is committed to nurturing Davis’ vision, to take him to great heights! We take pride in supporting the education of deaf children; securing for them a future to become enterprising and productive individuals!

Davis with peers

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