Livelihoods Program: Akol and her bulls

Akol is a deaf farmer.

Akol is a deaf woman and single mother of three. She is a farmer. DLU has supported her home based business initiatives since 2010, when the organization purchased a bull for her to help in ploughing her land for food crops. DLU promotes initiatives for food security for rural deaf people.

Akol and her bulls.

The organization also constructed a brick house for Akol to improve her living standards. She now has 3 cows, 8 goats and 10 chickens. She grows food crops such as bananas, soy bean, maize, sorghum and millet. She’s self sufficient in food and is able to sustain her family. DLU rural programs for the deaf have been supported by Bromma & Gimle KFUM/KFUK in Sweden.

A successful deaf role model, Akol has survived against all odds. She’s a DLU field staff and mobilizer for Deaf women in rural areas. Bravo to Akol!

– Akol’s house built and donated by DLU.
– Maria from Sweden meets Akol and her children.
– Akol with her children.
– Akol’s banana crop!

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