Our Vision

Contribute to societies that enable Deaf and Hard of hearing people utilize their full potential to lead productive and dignified lives.

Our Mission

Provide educational, economic, social and cultural opportunities to promote the welfare of Deaf and Hard of hearing people in Uganda.

Our Name

Deaf Link Uganda signifies our desire to link deaf and hard of hearing people in Uganda, Africa and the rest of the world, bringing them together as a unified Deaf Community.
Central to our work is our commitment to strengthen links through developing networks with organisations of persons who are deaf, as well as the entire disability movement.

Our Logo

Shaped in a triangular form, our logo symbolises connections we make with people of the world:
At the top is a Deaf Child rising from a strong, nurturing foundation of love laid by parents, families and community members.
The red arrow encircling the triangle is the link that connects us all as a human race.