Business Entreprise

Work Placements

After completing their education two of DLU sponsored students were provided six months’ work placements to support transition from education into employment.

  • Okurut James completed Industrial Training in Carpentry & Joinery at Mbale Secondary school for the Deaf. In June DLU placed him to work with SEBIUS Furniture, a carpentry business in Salaama (Kampala), owned by Mr. Ssebatta Julius, a successful Deaf carpenter. Okurut received a Start-up kit of tools to set him off into employment. Working alongside a Deaf role model is enabling him gain invaluable skills as well as knowledge in business management as he learns to interact with customers. After education, deaf youth need support as they begin their working lives – an inclusive and deaf-friendly environment is key to boosting economic empowerment, as they move towards independent living. Okurut is gaining self-confidence and great exposure in navigating an urban city environment.









Monitoring visit by Programmes Manager (1); Okurut at work on building sits in Kampala (2,3)



  • Mutumba Ismail

    Completed a Diploma in Communication & Graphic Design at Michealangelo College of Creative Arts (MCCA).In 2022, he undertook a three-month internship at Wave Media, a reputable printing business in Kampala which greatly enhanced his skills in graphics and design. This May he was placed with Amylia Homes, a printing & design business based in Ntinda, Kampala. Despite a heavy work load, Ismail is passionately engaged with his work and feels content with the experience: I have acquired skills in many artwork designs and learnt how make various home crafts using Cricut, a computer-controlled cutting machine, as well as Step printing. My work involves marketing and networking, when I interact with customers during market sales in various Kampala locations. I have learnt book keeping and recording items before they are approved by my boss. In addition to interacting with hearing colleagues and customers, the work placement is exposing me to many invaluable skills. I’m extremely grateful to DLU’s support.

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