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  • Graduation

    BUILDING DEAF RESILIENCE THROUGH EDUCATION “Education is the most powerful tool which you can use to change the World” Nelson Mandela. Those words echo loud with our long journey in contributing to the education of young deaf people in Uganda. On 19 January 2024, Deaf Link Uganda (DLU) staff and

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  • Livelihoods

    Parents Business Groups (PBG) Working with families of the deaf in rural communities in DLU-Eastern (Ngora & Kumi districts), DLU is transforming livelihoods of the deaf, disabled children and those living in poverty – by providing income generating avenues through home-based economic projects. In its 5th Round this year, PBG

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  • Business Entreprise

    Work Placements After completing their education two of DLU sponsored students were provided six months’ work placements to support transition from education into employment. Okurut James completed Industrial Training in Carpentry & Joinery at Mbale Secondary school for the Deaf. In June DLU placed him to work with SEBIUS Furniture, a

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